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    The first step is with the earbuds themselves: You must put them into pairing mode. There's no single, standard way to do this, however, so consult your earbud manual for specific directions.
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    To identify your device and make sure you don't use the app after the trial time expires, for instance, apps with free limited trial periods employ the Android device ID. I am aware of two techniques to obtain an Android device ID if you need to identify someone using their device. In addition, if you don't want someone to be able to identify your device, I'll also demonstrate how to modify your Android device ID. You can find out how to find your Android device ID and how to alter it by reading on.
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    This article explains how to connect an Android to a PC by using a USB cable or a wireless connection via AirDroid, Bluetooth, or the Microsoft Your Phone app.
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    The wireless earphone segment continues to see a meteoric rise and our smartphones are gradually getting better at handling them. The codecs your phone uses to package audio and send it over wirelessly to your headphones can have a notable impact on audio quality, latency, and battery life. However, It’s not always easy to find out what Bluetooth Codec your phone and your headphone are using for communication.
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