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    Android Lost 4.0.177

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    Description: Remotely control your android phone via Internet or SMS.
    Lost your Android? We will help you find it.

    Key features:

    * read incoming and outgoing SMS
    * phone reset
    * phone lock
    * SD card cleaning
    * location determination via network or GPS
    * start alarm with flashing screen
    * sending SMS from a web page
    * popup messages
    * call forwarding
    * remote installation
    * phone status: battery, imei, etc.
    *remote SMS alarm
    *remote SMS lock and unlock
    * remote SMS erase sd card
    * remote SMS wipe phone
    *remote SMS APN control
    * start/stop GPS
    * start/stop WIFI
    * hide from launcher
    * sending email when changing SIM
    * getting call list
    * taking a photo from the front camera
    * getting a photo from the rear camera
    * make your phone speak with text to speech
    * control commands via SMS
    * SMS speak command
    * delayed blocking
    * restore settings on boot
    * sound recording through microphone
    * start/stop data transfer via SMS
    * start/stop WIFI connection via SMS
    * content browser prototype

    The app does no polling to a server, so there is no extra battery usage.
    More details on the website where you control it from:
    Disclaimer: I have done my very best not to mess up anything but by using this app you take
    full responsibility for what might happen. I am not responsible if your phone is bricked or
    something else bad happens.


    Available SMS commands:

    androidlost status (phone status comes back)
    androidlost alarm 5 (turn on the alarm sound for 5 seconds)
    androidlost message Hi there! Call 55523424 to get the reward (text popup)
    androidlost speak come home now Brian
    androidlost data start (enable data connection (Internet))
    androidlost data stop (turn off data connection (Internet))
    androidlost wifi start (enable wifi)
    androidlost wifi stop (turn off wifi)
    androidlost call 12345678 (dial 12345678)
    androidlost hangup (hang up on the current call)
    androidlost apn copy (Copy existing APN settings and set them to default)
    androidlost apn remove (remove APN copy and set previous defaults)
    androidlost apn enable (enable copy APN)
    androidlost apn disable (disables copy APN)
    androidlost gps (detect coordinates and send them back SMS)
    androidlost lock 1234 (lock the phone with pin code 1234)
    androidlost unlock (unlock phone)
    androidlost startpoll (polls the server for new messages)
    androidlost stoppoll (stop polling)
    androidlost restoresettings (get settings from server)
    androidlost updatephoneinfo (overwrite server settings with phone settings)
    androidlost erasesdcard (cleaning the memory card)
    androidlost wipe (complete cleaning of the phone)

    Version: 4.0.177

    Android Lost 4.0.177
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