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    FolderSync 3.4.7

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    Description: Cloud synchronization with support for various services and protocols.
    You can copy music, photos and other important files from your phone to the cloud or vice versa. At the same time, FolderSync allows you to configure your synchronization as flexibly as possible.

    There is also a full-fledged built-in file manager that allows you to manage files both locally and in the cloud: copy, move and delete files, upload and download files from your phone.
    A huge plus of this program is two-way synchronization!

    The following services are supported:
    ☆ Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service
    ☆ Box
    ☆ CloudMe (using WebDAV)
    ☆ Cubby (using WebDAV)
    ☆ Digitalbucket.net (using WebDAV)
    ☆ Dump Truck (using WebDAV)
    ☆ GoDaddy (using WebDAV)
    ☆Google Docs
    ☆Google Drive
    ☆ HiDrive (using WebDAV)
    ☆ Livedrive (using WebDAV)
    ☆ MyDrive.ch (using WebDAV)
    ☆ NetDocuments (using WebDAV)
    ☆ Skydrive
    ☆ SugarSync
    ☆ Ubuntu One
    ☆ WEB.DE (using WebDAV)
    ☆ Yandex Disk (using WebDAV)

    Supported protocols:
    ☆ FTPS (SSL/TLS implicit)
    ☆ FTPES (SSL/TLS explicit)
    ☆ SFTP (SSH File Transfer)
    ☆ Samba/CIFS/Windows Share
    current features:
    ☆ Multiple accounts (full version)
    ☆ File manager - manage your cloud files
    ☆ Amazon S3 Client Side Encryption support
    ☆ Tasker/locale support (full version)
    ☆ User defined sync filters (full version)
    ☆ Sync to and from you selected provider
    ☆ Two-way sync with support for deletions
    ☆ Backup/restore settings
    ☆ User specified sync interval or specific sync times
    ☆ Choose connection types for each sync item
    ☆Support for syncing of subfolders
    ☆ Sync of hidden files can be disabled
    ☆ No ads (full version)

    You can select any folder on the memory card for synchronization. Both one-way and two-way synchronization is supported. Automatic or manual synchronization is supported. The time interval between synchronizations, as well as other settings, can be set for each synchronization task separately.

    What's new:
    Fix various bugs related to new sync engine.
    Type: New Version
    Version: 3.4.7

    FolderSync 3.4.7
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