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    SP Flash Tool, also known as Smart Phone Flash Tool, is an application that allows you to flash or install the stock firmware ROM (scatter-based) on devices powered by Mediatek chipsets, whether they are smartphones or tablets.

    SP Flash Tool Features
    Flash Stock ROM

    It allows you to flash firmware files to your Android device, allowing you to update the software on your device or rectify any issues you may be encountering. Furthermore, the process is simple to execute and can help enhance your device’s overall performance.

    Flash Recovery

    It allows you to flash stock and custom recoveries onto your Android devices. Stock recoveries are the default recovery that comes with your device, while custom recoveries, such as TWRP, enable you to perform advanced tasks and customize your device.

    Memory Test

    It allows you to test and verify the performance of the external memory of your Mediatek Device, including RAM, eMMC, and NAND Flash. Furthermore, the test results will be displayed in detail, aiding you in identifying and resolving any issues with your device’s memory.

    Parameter Setting

    It allows you to customize the flashing process by setting various parameters that control how the tool functions. These parameters include options such as download speed, boot mode, and format address.

    Format Device / Hard Reset

    It allows you to reset your Android device to its factory default state, which includes wiping all data and settings from the device and restoring it to its original condition. To use this feature, connect your device to your computer and follow the prompts to initiate the hard reset process.

    Download SP Flash Tool for Windows and Linux

    The SP Flash Tool V3 to V5 allows you to flash or install .txt-based scatter firmware on MediaTek devices.

    Version v3.1222

    SP Flash Tool for Windows and Linux (MediaTek Flash Tool) V3 to V5

    Version v3.1238

    Version v3.1304

    Version v3.1312

    Version v3.1316

    Version v3.1328

    Version v3.1332

    Version v3.1344

    Version v5.1343

    Version v5.1352 + Linux

    Version v5.1436

    Version v5.1452

    Version v5.1504 + Linux

    Version v5.1505

    Version v5.1512 + Linux

    Version v5.1516

    Version v5.1520 + Linux

    Version v5.1524 + Linux

    Version v5.1528 + Linux

    Version v5.1532 + Linux

    Version v5.1548 + Linux

    Version v5.1552 + Linux

    Version v5.1604 + Linux

    Version v5.1612 + Linux

    Version v5.1616 + Linux

    Version v5.1620 + Linux

    Version v5.1624 + Linux

    Version v5.1628 + Linux

    v5.1632 + Linux

    Version v5.1636 + Linux

    Version v5.1640 + Linux

    Version v5.1644 + Linux

    Version v5.1648 + Linux

    Version v5.1708 + Linux

    Version v5.1712 + Linux

    Version v5.1716 + Linux

    Version v5.1720

    Version v5.1724 + Linux

    Version v5.1728 + Linux

    Version v5.1736

    Version v5.1744 + Linux

    Version v5.1752 + Linux

    Version v5.1804 + Linux

    Version v5.1812 + Linux

    Version v5.1816 + Linux

    Version v5.1820

    Version v5.1824 + Linux

    Version v5.1828 + Linux

    Version v5.1836 + Linux

    Version v5.1844 + Linux

    Version v5.1848

    Version v5.1900

    Version v5.1904 + Linux

    Version v5.1912

    Version v5.1916 + Linux

    Version v5.1920

    Version v5.1924

    Version v5.1936

    Version v5.1944 + Linux

    Version v5.1952 + Linux

    Version v5.2016 + Linux

    Version v5.2020 + Linux

    Version v5.2028 + Linux

    Version v5.2032 + Linux

    Version v5.2036 + Linux

    Version v5.2044 + Linux

    Version v5.2048

    Version v5.2052 + Linux

    Version v5.2104 + Linux

    Version v5.2112 + Linux

    Version v5.2116

    Version v5.2120 + Linux

    Version v5.2124 + Linux

    Version v5.2136 + Linux

    Version v5.2148 + Linux

    Version v5.2152 + Linux

    Version v5.2208 + Linux

    Version v5.2216

    Version v5.2228 + Linux

    Version v5.2308

    Version v5.2316

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